Rory's place about
Rory’s Place is a collaboration between us—sisters Rory and Meave McAuliffe. We grew up playing in the kitchen of our mom’s bakery in Santa Monica in the 90’s, and have been cooking together ever since.

For us, the kitchen is a place where people join in celebration, experimentation, connection, and kinship. Rory’s Place is our way of sharing the warmth and excitement of our childhood kitchen here in Ojai. Our menus are inspired by the fresh, seasonal produce, seafood and livestock from Ojai, Santa Barbara, and the surrounding areas. But our mission is about much more than great ingredients: we’re here to create partnerships and support our vibrant community of local farmers, ranchers, and fisher people. These relationships are what make this endeavor worthwhile for us — and they are key to building a healthy, sustainable food system.

We are indebted to the legacy of generations of California chefs and farmers, and we aim to carry their traditions forward, using live-fire cooking and other timeless techniques, while weaving in new ideas, approaches, and flavors from our travels around the world.
- Rory & Chef Meave