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Oyster Report

Aphrodite Oysters

Farmer: Krista Tripp
Harvest Location: South Thomaston, Maine

How they taste: Being located at the mouth of Weskeag River, Krista’s grant reaps the benefits of the colder waters coming in at every high tide. Clean, crisp, and briny with a sweet finish.

How they’re grown: Aphrodite oysters are grown in bags or cages that float on top the water, where there is the highest concentration of food so they have plenty to eat. If you’ve ever gone swimming in Maine during the summer you know it is COLD! The colder the water the slower the oyster growth and that is why these beautiful oysters can take up to 3 years to reach market size [the patience pays off!]. They are also beginning to bottom plant some product to maximize their lease, so be on the look out in the next few years for a special oyster from this farm. More grow out methods = more amazing Maine oysters!

Beach Point
Mark Begley
Harvest Location: Barnstable, Mass

How they taste: These oysters have a super salty undertone, with savory notes of parmesan rind that lead into a sweet, creamy finish. They also have a perfectly meaty, toothy texture. A prime example of blending location and technique for a truly unique oyster.⁠⁠

Farmer: Chelsea Farms
Harvest Location: Eld INlet, WA

How they Taste: Mild brine and Mineral Finish.