The standout raw bar highlights locally harvested shellfish in a sumptuous fruits de mer seafood tower that includes rock crab, uni, and rock shrimp.

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Dinner at ojai’s “it” restaurant

Bon Appetit

We believe everyone has an essential role in getting the food from the farm to the plates we serve,” Rory says, “so we wanted an equitable pay structure that reflects that.

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"We wanted to add a truly elevated dining experience to the local mix," said Meave. "Something personal and thoughtful and surprising and playful. Something people would travel here for."

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There are crudos, gem salads, and wood-fired vegetables, but many of the familiar dishes get new, successful, and fun twists here—the roast chicken is topped with blackberries and the broiled oysters come with fermented chili butter, for example


Two Sisters Are Harnessing Ojai’s Bounty to Create the California Restaurant of Our Dreams


The restaurant was an extension of their home, and the kitchens of both were filled with pots and pans and good food.

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Rory’s Place showcases Ojai’s superb local farm products.


They worked hard to make their space feel like a friends house. With redwood cabinetry and benches, handmade ceramic sconces, and plenty of other unique and playful touches.

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The former home of The Village Jester in Ojai will soon have a new restaurant holding court: Rory’s Place.

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A Family Affair: Rory’s Place, a New Sister-Owned Restaurant in Ojai, CA